Hi, I'm Kier! I have a passion for digital applications from my extensive commercial experience and now focused transitioning into the field of User Experience to help improve usability and create more inclusive solutions. 

Recently graduated Master of Science degree in User Experience (UX) Design after 15+ years in marketing and project management mainly facilitating development of customer focused digital solutions. My interest in UX has grown over time through involvement in digital projects and creating websites for my own ventures, this experience evolved further culminating in multiple user-centred accessible solution designs during my degree course.

Developed understanding of business needs, market research, managing user requirements & constraints, iterative agile practises, human-centred design and research methods during automotive career and master’s degree.

I have managed large scale multi-million pound digital projects including national websites, eCommerce & digital infrastructure, developed digital strategies and created business wide analytics / insights reporting. During these projects I’ve accumulated transferrable skills due to being highly adaptable and always seeking to learn whilst develop existing attributes.