Don't Follow The Crowd (DFTC)

Until 2017, the idea of creating a shoe company was a pipe dream of someone who’d only ever worked in office. I believed that men’s footwear didn’t have to be banal, run-of-the-mill and unimaginative. Since leaving university with a degree in Business specialising in Strategic Entrepreneurship I'd only ever toiled in desk based jobs, the concept of starting my own business had always been there but the product / service had not…

Whilst grafting in the UK automotive industry I noticed it was hard to buy shoes or boots that were comfortable, suitable for daily usage, stylish yet displayed individuality, and made me feel proud to wear. A chance purchase (or two) whilst visiting family in Australia I started to build a collection of footwear that I liked but still found it extremely difficult to maintain for everyday wearing.

Footwear design



With my interest in footwear peaked and months of research behind me, I undertook an intensive bootmaking course with a master cordwainer in Bethnal Green, London, to handmake a pair of victorian style oxford boots. Learning the skills to design, create patterns, choose materials, click & close uppers, last and soling the boots only increased my need to understand more and drive the creativity in my own direction.

Enjoying the experience thoroughly I undertook further online courses, found suppliers for materials, built a network of mentors to further my hands on experience and started to build a portfolio of (slightly crazy) footwear made for friends and family.

A passion for film, gaming culture, art and literature mixed with the exposure to high end automotive design, engineering and production techniques has generated a plethora of ideas not yet seen in the design or manufacture of footwear. My desire is to continue to design and innovate not only for my close circle but for anyone looking to express themselves further.